You've dabbled in Yoga and heard about Ayurveda's wonders.
There's a stirring in your soul to learn more.
If you're ready to break free from the ordinary, immerse yourself in nature to revitalize your spirit, and cultivate a life of joy, ease, and radiance, this exclusive retreat is tailored for you.

Imagine this...

You've just landed in Costa Rica. You're surrounded by lush, tropical greenery, breathing in the fresh tropical air, feeling a sense of peace washing over you. 

You've embarked on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a complete novice, you feel supported every step of the way. You know you made a wise choice for yourself. 

Welcome to your Radiant Retreat where the serene embrace of nature meets the transformative power of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Radiance isn't just a word; it's a state of being. It's more than just an outer glow‚ÄĒit's a deep inner light that shines brightly, exuding positivity and warmth for all to see.¬†

I'm Ready to Feel Radiant!

Let the Adventure begin...

After a short ride from the airport you pull up to Hotel Cariari and are greeted by their friendly staff offering you a special welcome treat.

With warm and relaxed smiles all around and the sunshine on your face, you get the vibe of Costa Rica instantly: easy, open, soft, gentle, lovely. It's the pure life - Pura Vida.

As you are escorted through the tropical walkways to deliver your bags to your cozy room, you feel instantly cared for, nurtured, and embraced.

You feel your stress melting away combined with a delicious expectancy of what's to come. This is your time to shine.

Gently Settle 

It's time to sink into bliss. After you settle into your room you decide to have a little dip in the pool and soak in the sunshine. A refreshing beverage will be waiting for you at the poolside Bar Chapuzon, an informal and relaxing environment.

If  you fly in earlier in the day, Nancy Sophia and Andrea will offer an afternoon yoga class that will truly settle you into this space and time. As everyone will be arriving at varying times, you'll be glad that we all met on our Meet and Greet Zoom Call so you can recognize and connect with your circle or Radiant Women.

You've done it. You've given yourself this gift! This incredibly long overdue self-care that is so deeply deserved.

Become Familiar

Your first full day begins with nutritious breakfast before boarding the tour bus bright and early. You'll embark on your first adventure to La Paz Waterfall Gardens. The day is yours to wander through the tropical rain forest taking in the power of five majestic waterfalls.

Sit for a bit in the hummingbird garden, stroll through the butterfly house, or visit the jaguar's den. Learn about Costa Rica's incredible biodiversity before immersing yourself in the verdant jungle of the Caribbean Coast - a pristine off the beaten path destination with a unique culture of its own.

Soothe Your Soul

You peacefully awaken each day to the sweet sounds of the jungle and you know it's another beautiful day in paradise - the stunning beaches, the chattering monkeys, and the lush jungle are mesmerizing.

You walk the path to the open-air Yoga Shala and take in the serene peace and quietude. It's time to journey inward with rich, empowering practices of yoga and meditation. You'll greet each morning sensing a lightness in your body, clarity of mind, and rejuvenated spirit. Each day will end with a practice in deep relaxation.

You'll return home with a personal yoga practice easily integrated into everyday life. 

Immerse in Nature

Costa Rica is world-renowned for its abundant and diverse exotic wildlife with over 500,000 species of wild animals. Watch an incredible variety of animals including monkeys, toucans, macaws, cotamundi, aguiti and sloths right from your casita. 

Here, amidst the lush splendor of this verdentland, you will awaken to the call of howler monkeys and songbirds with soft, gentle air upon your skin.

Release into Ease

You feel blissfully satisfied lounging by the pool or joyfully swinging in your hammock after your delicious spa treatment. You choose exactly how to enjoy yourself to the fullest. You're soaking in the luxurious free time between transformational sessions of yoga, meditation, breathwork, and magic. 

When you slip into your cozy bed for the night, you'll be lulled into deep sleep by the soft sounds of the jungle. 

Feed Yourself Well

You'll treat your palate to delicious daily meals made with fresh local ingredients¬† enjoyed¬† in our open-air dining room.¬†¬†Our delicious dishes‚Ä®are prepared with love‚Ä®by our expert chef who only uses organic ingredients‚Ä®from local farmers.‚Ä®There is a ‚Äúpersonalized food program‚ÄĚ‚Ä®on request for those who need‚Ä®to adjust their diet.‚Ä®‚Ä®

Each day includes a huge, yummy,
and healthy breakfast and a balanced
and creative dinner.

Enjoy our chef's splendid menu of colorful
tropical fruits and vegetables that will
nourish your soul and senses. Sonora strives to assure that all guests enjoy their culinary experience.


Embrace Ayurveda

Explore the teachings of Ayurveda and celebrate the art of ritual. In essence, a ritual is about bringing sacredness into each day, evoking something greater than yourself. Imbue your own life with greater potency, and joy by embracing simple daily practices to enhance your outlook, bring you peace, sustain your vibrancy, and help you express your true nature. As you discover what supports your way of being, you’ll  create a personal ritual with which to continue nourishing your spirit long after you return home.

You're Talking' My Language

Tell me, is this you?

  • You have an adventurous spirit seeking both¬†inner exploration and outdoor adventure.
  • You've been curious about a¬†Wellness¬†retreat and you're ready to¬†receive expert guidance.
  • You've dabble off and on with Yoga and you want¬†to apply yourself to a¬†simple daily practice.¬†
  • You¬†crave¬†consistency in your wellness habits and you need help getting there.
  • You feel¬†a¬†longing¬†for more meaning on a spiritual level.
  • You¬†desire¬†freedom and the space to connect with others¬†in¬†meaningful conversations.¬†
  • You're ready to bust out of the humdrum¬†and reconnect with your truest¬†nature.
  • You long to expand¬†into a more intentional way of living¬†long after you return home.

 If you answered YES to half of the statements above, then this Yoga, Ayurveda and Nature Retreat was designed especially with YOU in mind…

…that’s exactly why you’re going to love RADIANCE in Costa Rica.

It‚Äôs 10 days of adventure, culture, relaxation, rejuvenation, inspiration, delicious, nutritious cuisine, and a whole lot of personal transformation‚Äď something we ALL¬†need on a regular basis!

This potent journey was designed for YOU combining the practices and  principles of Yoga and Ayurveda (the science of life) with the rhythms of Nature.

Join us on this Wellness Journey of a lifetime to one of the most diverse ecosystems on planet Earth. Expand your Radiance!

Yes! This is for me.

Meet Your Guides

Step into the world of yoga with Nancy Sophia Ruby and Andrea Thibaudeau, two seasoned practitioners who have dedicated the past¬†three¬†to four¬†decades to the study, practice, and teaching of this ancient art. Their journey began in 1998, in the picturesque setting of Bozeman, Montana, where Andrea embarked on her yoga voyage under Nancy's guidance in the inaugural YogaMotion¬ģ Teacher Training.

United by their passion for yoga, they went on to co-create one of Montana's pioneering yoga studio, igniting a spark of curiosity and learning in their community. Andrea fondly regards Nancy as one of her most cherished mentors, whose wisdom catalyzed transformative shifts in her life's trajectory.

Despite the geographical distance that emerged when Andrea relocated to Vermont, their bond has remained unshakeable, with mutual support and encouragement fueling each other's evolution. Now, they are elated to intertwine their expertise in an unforgettable retreat experience, promising to infuse your life with luminous soulfulness.

Join us on this enriching journey, where you'll discover the beauty and depth of yoga while basking in the warm embrace of friendship, guidance, and balmy breezes.

Your soul awaits its radiant transformation!

Experience the Magic of Sonora

You'll laugh with new friends as you depart San Jose to journey over the mountains enjoying the views of Braulio Carrillo National Park.  We'll stop for a snack along the way making this an easy 4-hour journey to our destination outside of Puerto Viejo. 

Escape to the tranquil haven of Sonora, a boutique retreat center nestled on the enchanting Caribbean Coast in Puerto Viejo. Our uniquely appointed bungalows, each with a private bath, optional air-conditioning, and a charming outdoor patio, promise a stay that is both luxurious and serene.

Experience the exclusive allure of our location, discreetly tucked away off the beaten path near the picturesque Playa Negra. Imago Sonora is an invitation for you to embrace a profound journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Named after the Spanish word for "resonance," Sonora embodies the healing energies found in every note and rhythm. Delve into your 10-days of immersive study and practice of Yoga, Ayurveda and the Costa Rican culture.

Allow the soothing sounds and the natural beauty of our surroundings to guide you towards a heightened vibrational frequency. Our carefully curated program, combined with delightful and nourishing meals, ensures that you depart with a radiant spirit and a newfound sense of connection to the web of life.

Let Me Feel the Magic!

Barefoot on the Beach

If you're the type of person that loves beachwalks, ocean swims, river kayaks, and relaxing in the shade of a palm tree with your toes in the sand , the Caribbean Coastline is calling your name. During our time at Sonora, we'll provide shuttle service to three stunning beaches where you can walk, swim, snorkle, kayak and relax to your heart's content. 

Playa Punta Uva

Punta Uva is one of our favorite beaches for swimming, river and ocean kayaking, and lounging under a palm tree. There's a lovely restaurant on the beach where you can enjoy a midday meal. if you love to walk along the shoreline, it's a lovely 5 miles along the beach back to Puerto Viejo. We'll pick you there!

Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park lets you escape into nature and the natural beauty of this country. Whether you’re hiking, catching some rays on the beach, or capturing photos of wildlife, this park is one of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets. The quaint town of Cahuita has an Afro-Caribbean vibe with tons of delicious Caribbean cuisine.

Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge

The Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge is a captivating blend of land, beach, and sea landscapes, enriched by local culture. It holds a special place in Sophia's heart as one of her most cherished destinations worldwide. It's an ideal spot for encountering diverse wildlife including sloths, monkeys, and makaws. With its picturesque beaches and stunning coastlines, it's a truly alluring destination.

Follow your Path to Inner Radiance

With sun-drenched nature walks, thought-provoking conversations and writing prompts, storytelling, sacred rituals and altar crafting, plus windows of time for deep silence and solitude, RADIANCE is a time to restore your relationship with nature, the life that surrounds you, and all that lies within you.

This is a time to take care of YOU with a healing adventure retreat that will spark your Soul. 

Step into unknown territory with the care of skillful guides that will lead you into exhilarating experiences. Relax into a safe and supportive circle of kindred spirits ready to redefine and refine how you show up in the world.


is your opportunity to engage in a multi-sensory adventure offering
both friendship and personal time for inner reflection.


Throughout our 10-days together we will immerse in the culture of Costa Rica's communities, coastline, and cuisine. Let go of your daily news feed, lose the constant noise, and slip into the wonders of self-transformation, the gifts of nature, and tending to your Soul. 

Consider sharing this unique adventure with your mother, daughter, niece, sister, or bestie. A transformational  adventure with family and friends strengthens the ties that bind.

Shine Your Light!
August  15 - 25, 2024


This retreat is for you if...

  • you yearn for¬†an awe-inspiring, soul-stirring, heart-opening, life-enriching¬†adventure
  • you're ready to¬†deepen your Yoga practice and live an Ayurvedic life
  • you crave time to recharge and nurture your creativity
  • you¬†want to re-energize and deeply relax your precious human body¬†
  • you hunger for tropical adventure in a foreign land
  • you¬†wish to infuse¬†your mind with clarity and positive messaging
  • you¬†long for more meaningful, radiant beauty in your life

This retreat is NOT for you if....

  • humidity is not your comfort zone
  • your mood will plummet¬†with tropical rainfall¬†
  • wildlife sounds and exotic bugs freak you out
  • you are not ready for an inner journey of transformation

Now is the time to gift yourself and a loved one a Tropical Wellness Retreat.


Have some questions?

Feel free to connect with me personally by scheduling a call below.

Let's Make this Possible

Sample Daily Flow

6:00 am Awaken to the sounds of howler monkeys and birdcalls.
Scamper down the jungle path for some tea, coffee, and tropical fruits.

7:00 am Head to the Shala (studio) for Yoga Asana and Meditation

9:00 am Partake in a nutritious, delicious breakfast 

10:00 am Enjoy free time for Adventures - beach, hike, zipline, kayak, lounge

1:00 pm Enjoy a delectable delightful lunch on site or at one of our many beach destinations.

2:00 pm Indulge yourself with more adventure or a Soothing Massage  

4:00 pm Unwind with an afternoon of Ayurvedic teachings along with guided Movement and Meditation

6:00  Relax and converse over a nourishing dinner recounting the blessings of the day

7:30 Enjoy a final relaxation practice before diving into your dreamtime journey. 

9:00 Early to bed. Early to rise.