If you’re the kind of person who is ready to reclaim your wild side sparking playfulness, passion, and purpose, then join us for an exquisitely curated journey off the beaten paths of Costa Rica.

Return home with a deeper sense of self and clear intentions
for living your most authentic, magical life.

ReWild your Soul!

You've just landed in Costa Rica.

As you walk out the doors of the airport, you are comforted to immediately see your pre-arranged driver holding up a sign with your name that says:

Bienvenidos! Welcome!

Your luggage is cheerfully loaded into the van as you introduce yourself to your fellow travelers.

You can't help but notice the sweet and sultry tropical air kissing your skin. Your shoulders drop, tension melts, and you take a deep, cleansing breath.

You're now assured that you made a very wise choice for yourself. 

I'm Ready to ReWild!

Tell me, is this you?

  • You have an adventurous spirit seeking both inner exploration and outdoor adventure.
  • You've been curious about a Wellness retreat and you're ready to receive expert guidance.
  • You've dabble off and on with Yoga and you want to apply yourself to a simple daily practice. 
  • You crave consistency in your wellness habits and you need help getting there.
  • You feel a longing for more meaning on a spiritual level.
  • You desire freedom and the space to connect with others in meaningful conversations. 
  • You're ready to bust out of the humdrum and reconnect with your wild, authentic nature.
  • You long to expand into a more intentional way of living long after you return home.

If you answered YES to half of these or more, then this intentional eco-adventure was designed especially with YOU in mind…

…that’s exactly why you’re going to LOVE ReWilding in Costa Rica.

It’s 10 days of adventure, culture, relaxation, rejuvenation, inspiration, delicious, nutritious cuisine, and a whole lot of PLAYFULNESS – something we ALL deserve and need on a regular basis!

This magical journey was designed for YOU combining the practices and principles of Yoga and Ayurveda (the science of life) with a heart-opening eco-adventure in one of the most diverse ecosystems on Planet Earth!

Join us on this Magical Journey of a lifetime to one of the most diverse ecosystems on planet Earth and ReWild your Soul!

Born to be Wild! SIGN ME UP!

Let the Adventure begin...

You pull up to Hotel Cariari and are greeted by your hosts, Nancy Sophia and Roxanne, offering you a special welcome treat.

With warm and relaxed smiles all around and the sunshine on your face, you get the vibe of Costa Rica instantly: easy, open, soft, gentle, lovely. It's the pure life - Pura Vida.

As you are escorted through the tropical walkways to deliver your bags to your cozy room, you feel instantly cared for, nurtured, and embraced.

You feel your stress melting away combined with a delicious expectancy of what's to come.

Gently Settle 

It's time to sink into bliss. After you settle into your room you decide to have a little dip in the pool and soak in the sunshine. A refreshing beverage will be waiting for you at the poolside Bar Chapuzon, an informal and relaxing environment.

As everyone will be arriving at varying times, the day is yours to do as you please. We'll be sure to connect and introduce you to your fellow ReWilders. If  you fly in earlier in the day, there's an afternoon yoga class that will truly settle you into this space and time.  

You've done it. You've given yourself this gift! This incredibly long overdue self-care that is so deeply deserved.

Become Familiar

Your first full day begins with nutritious breakfast before boarding the tour bus bright and early. You'll embark on your first adventure to La Paz Waterfall Gardens. The day is yours to wander through the tropical rain forest taking in the power of five majestic waterfalls.

Sit for a bit in the hummingbird garden, stroll through the butterfly house, or visit the jaguar's den. Learn about the incredible biodiversity before immersing yourself in the verdant jungle of the Osa Peninsula - “One of the most biologically diverse places on earth” according to National Geographic.

Journey into the Wild

You'll laugh with new friends as you leave San Jose to journey down the west coast, enjoying the views of land and sea, stopping for lunch in Dominical and ending in Puerto Jimenez - known as the remote jewel of Costa Rica.

From there  you transfer to a 4WD vehicle which will deliver you to Encanta La Vida - Spanish for “enchanted life.” It literally translates to “loving life" which is one reason we fell in love with this place and the people. You will, too.

Soothe Your Soul

You peacefully awaken each morning to the sweet sounds of the jungle and you know it's another beautiful day in paradise - the stunning beaches, the chattering monkeys, and the lush jungle are mesmerizing.

You walk the path to the open-air Yoga Shala and take in the amazing ocean view. It's time to journey inward with rich, empowering practices of yoga and meditation. You'll greet each morning sensing a lightness in your body, clarity of mind, and rejuvenated spirit.

You'll return home with a personal yoga practice easily integrated into everyday life

Immerse in Nature

Costa Rica is world-renowned for its abundant and diverse exotic wildlife with over 500,000 species of wild animals. Watch an incredible variety of animals including monkeys, toucans, macaws, cotamundi, aguiti and sloths right from your cabin. 

Here, amidst the lush splendor of this protected land, you will awaken to the call of howler monkeys and crashing waves with soft, gentle air upon your skin.

Activate Adventure

Throughout your eco-adventure you surprise yourself as our expert instructors have you surfing the waves with grace and ease. Your spirit soars as dolphins guide your boat through the gulf waters,  you find yourself bathing under a pristine waterfall, and awaken your inner monkey as you zipline through the jungle canopy.   

Your wild side is fully awakened!

Release into Ease

You feel blissfully satisfied lounging by the pool or joyfully swinging in your hammock after your delicious spa treatment. You choose exactly how to enjoy yourself to the fullest. You're soaking in the luxurious free time between transformational sessions of yoga, meditation, music and magic. 

When you slip into your cozy bed for the night, you are lulled into a deep sleep by the soft sounds of the jungle. 

Feed Yourself Well

You treat your palate to three delicious daily meals made with fresh local ingredients  enjoyed  in our open-air dining room. The main meal is quite an event with three courses and freshly baked bread daily.

You are catered to by a creatively talented chef and attentive wait staff that know you by name and your dietary needs.

Encanta la Vida strives to assure that all guests enjoy their culinary experience.

Embrace Sacred Ritual

Explore, express, and celebrate the art of ritual. In essence, a ritual is about bringing sacredness into each day, evoking something greater than yourself. Imbue your own life with greater potency, and joy by embracing simple daily practices to enhance your outlook, bring you peace, and help you to experience your true nature. As you discover what supports your way of being, you’ll  create a personal ritual with which to continue nourishing your spirit long after you return home.

Fly High

To complete your transformational retreat, enjoy a scenic flight back to San Jose. We'll all board a 14-seater airplane out of Puerto Jimenez for a bird's eye view of Costa Rica's mountains and valleys. Settle in for a final night at Hotel Cariari before your Sunday departure. 

This is Awesome! Sign Me Up!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

 Return to a more wild and authentic way of being.

With sun-drenched nature walks, thought-provoking conversations and writing prompts, storytelling, sacred  rituals and altar crafting, plus windows of time for deep silence and solitude,

ReWilding is a time to restore your relationship with nature, the life that surrounds you, and all that lies within you.

My dear, it's time to KNOW THYSELF! It's time to take care of YOU with an adventurous retreat that will spark your Soul.

Step into unknown territory with the care of skillful guides that will lead you into exhilarating experiences. Relax into a safe and supportive circle of kindred spirits ready to redefine and refine how you show up in the world.  

ReWilding is your opportunity to engage
in a multi-sensory adventure offering
both friendship and personal time for inner reflection.

Throughout our 10-days together we will immerse in the culture of Costa Rica's communities, coastline, and cuisine. Let go of your daily news feed, lose the constant noise, and slip into the wonders of self-transformation, the gifts of nature, and tending to your Soul. 

Consider sharing this unique adventure with your mother, daughter, niece or sister, partner, husband, brother, or father. A transformational  adventure with family and friends strengthens the ties that bind.

Celebrate the Wild within You! 
January 16 - 26, 2025


This retreat is for you if...

  • you yearn for an awe-inspiring, soul-stirring, heart-opening, life-enriching adventure
  • you're ready to unleash the wild spirit within
  • you crave time to recharge and nurture your creativity
  • you want to re-energize and deeply relax with the practices of yoga and meditation.
  • you hunger for tropical adventure in a foreign land
  • you wish to infuse your mind with clarity and positive messaging
  • you long for meaningful, radiant beauty in your life

This retreat is NOT for you if....

  • humidity is not your comfort zone
  • your mood will plummet with tropical rainfall 
  • wildlife sounds and exotic bugs freak you out
  • you prefer soft pampering over wild adventures (though pampering will happen!) 

Meet Your Guides

Nancy Sophia Ruby and Roxanne Ruby have been facilitating intentional adventures together for 27 years. Yep, Roxanne was just 4 years old when Nancy launched the first of many tropical retreats.

Since then they have both continued to weave their magic,  creating transformational experiences both together and individually. They are thrilled to be teaming up again for this magical mystery tour.

Having hosted numerous Costa Rica Adventures between 2002 - 2008, they are delighted to be collaborating again in the enchanting  wonderland of the Osa Peninsula.

For nearly 40 years, Nancy Sophia has fine tuned her ability to infuse the mystical powers of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda into every day living.

Roxanne has been honing her skills as an event producer, performer, devoted prayer woman, and student of the sacred.

Together, in the spirit of multi-generational wisdom, they invite you, your family and your friends to embark on this very intentional eco-adventure. 

"Sophia exemplifies years of practiice and teaching. Her wisdom flows through effortlessly as she helps each student exactly where they are, supporting them with grace and ease. She is the embodiment of Yoga. "

"Roxanne created beautiful, sacred containers in which to work emotionally and spiritually. It was an honor to see her sharing her wisdom as her beautiful soul and spirit resonated throughtout the week."

Now is the time to gift yourself (and a loved one) a
Winter Wellness Retreat enrich your body, mind and soul.

Have some questions?

Feel free to connect with me personally by scheduling a call below.

Let's Make this Possible

Sample Daily Flow

6:00 am Awaken to the sounds of howler monkeys and birdcalls.
Scamper down the jungle path for some tea, coffee, superfoods and tropical fruits.

7:00 am Head to the Shala (studio) for Yoga Asana overlooking the ocean

9:00 am Partake in a nutritious, delicious breakfast 

10:00 am Enjoy free time for Adventures - surf, hike, kayak, lounge

1:00 pm Return for delectable delightful lunch 

2:00 pm Indulge yourself with more Adventure or a Soothing Massage  

4:00 pm Wind down with an afternoon of guided Movement and Meditation

6:30  Relax and converse over an elegant dinner recounting the blessings of the day

9:00 Early to bed. Early to rise.

Join Us in the Jungle!