5-day Yoga Challenge

plus Saturday Integration Workshop in Bozeman!

April 29 - May 3
Mon - Fri 8:00 - 10:00 am  
Sat 9:00 - 12:00 pm


Experience the benefits of daily consistency through this 5-day Immersion paired with Saturday's Integration workshop. The challenge lies in simply showing up for yourself every day. Through movement, meditation, and mindset you'll nurture all the layers of your being. Each day will offer a deep dive into a specific kosha (layer) to enhance your inner connection and foster personal radiance. I encourage you to carve out the time to attend the full Immersion - make it a Yoga Retreat Staycation. 

Saturday's Integration Mini-Retreat will include a 5-kosha practice plus circle of support in which you will clarify a personal yoga practice along with self-care rituals. Cultivate the freshness of Spring within your own being.

Discover the profound ways that yoga sparks your sense of renewal. Movement will be slow, deep, and sweet. You'll be expertly guided through therapeutic actions, powerful breathwork, and restorative relaxation techniques. Apply what you learn in class to continue integrating yoga into your every day life. 

Can't make the whole event? As room allows, individual sessions may be attended.  See options below.

Full Immersion



  • 5¬† Expertly Guided 2-hr Yoga¬†Sessions
  • 3-hour Mini Retreat¬†
  • Supportive¬†Reading¬†
  • A¬†Refreshed¬†Attitude
  • Your Yoga-at-home¬† practice plan
  • Self-care rituals¬†that will feed your Soul
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5-day Challenge Only



  • 5 Expertly Guided 2-hr Yoga Sessions
  • Supportive¬†Reading¬†
  • A¬†Refreshed¬†Attitude
  • Self-care rituals¬†that will feed your Soul
  • Option to Join on Zoom
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Saturday Retreat Only



  • 90-minute Full Spectrum Yoga
  • 90-minute Dharma talk and¬†Lightwork
  • Your personal Yoga-at-home¬† practice plan
  • Self-care rituals¬†that will feed your Soul
  • A¬†Refreshed¬†Attitude
Retreat Please

Single 2-hour Session


You may choose to join a single class or sign up for Zoom. Recordings will be provided. Full immersion  registration will be given priority for maximum capacity of 16 studens.. 

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