Back in the Saddle

living your yoga May 27, 2023


Embodiment” is a standing practice requiring both strength and balance. It includes the vitamins of yoga asana. (Straddle, Warrior Two, Extended Side Angle and Triangle)  Key postures that when held well for a period of time act as both a massage and chiropractic adjustment. It feels so good. So…..I’m committed to this particular practice for the next 10 days. Repetition is key when it comes to results.

Care to join me? 

I’ve built incredible strength and endurance with my consistent yoga practice over the years. These last 18 months I fell away from consistency due to hip injury. I’ve remained quite inconsistent even though my hip has been repaired since November. Time to change my patterns and get back in the saddle with my daily asana routine.

How about you?

Do you long for consistency to achieve your desired results?

It’s all about the daily routine that determines the quality of your Life.

Enjoy my "EMBODIMENT" practice below. (free of commercials) 

For those in the Gallatin Valley, join me Live on Wednesdays 9:00 - 10:30 


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