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Writings to Encourage WellBeing

Embracing Adventure: Is this You?

traveling yogi Mar 09, 2024

Tell me, is this you?

You have an adventurous spirit seeking both inner exploration and outdoor adventure.

If so, let's talk about the magic of adventure.

You know, that feeling when you step out of your comfort zone and into the...


Radiance as a Way of Being

traveling yogi Mar 09, 2024

As you know, I’ve been curating Retreats for many years now. You may believe that it’s about travel, culture, and the beauty of nature and you’re right!

However, what continues to inspire these adventures is the people. ...


That Time I Missed the Boat

traveling yogi Aug 02, 2021

You know that feeling that comes with “What if….” and  “ if only….”

What if I had listened better and gone to the suggested location?

If only I had walked back there after walking everywhere else.



Healthy Travel Tips from Costa Rica

traveling yogi Jul 28, 2021

Who loves to travel? 

Especially after a year of being grounded! As we slowly emerge from our Covid cocoons, here are some tips to keep you healthy, happy, and free from suffering while expanding your wings and soaring into new adventures.



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