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BEING Your New Year’s Resolution

living your yoga Jan 01, 2024

Here it is the first day of 2024. Is your mind set on a New Year’s Resolution declaring, “This year I’m going to….” 

Maybe last night you even held a sacred ritual, huddled up with your besties around a raging fire, tossing in strips of paper upon which you scrawled the things you were going to let go of... a few extra pounds, that dysfunctional relationship, sugar, cigarettes… Or maybe you vouched to do something new – get to the gym 5 days week, call your mother more often, print and frame those photos from last year’s vacation.

Your commitment is tangible. You fully believe you will do these things… this year. 

Are you part of the 41% of Americans who set forth such promises on the eve of the New Year? 

Could you be one of the 80% of people who fail by February to keep those very commitments?

Why the heck am I asking you about these feeble attempts? 

Today I want to share an approach to New Year "resolutions" that will shift failures into feelings.  Instead of Doing Something - make a commitment to your values and Simply Be. In contrast to a planned activity that frequently falls short of achieving the intended outcomes, values represent a manner of existence that can permeate all actions, fostering cohesion within relationships

I recommend choosing 1 - 3 words to form a mantra (simple repetition) expressing the way you want to Be. Continue repeating it in your mind. Use the words to guide your choices. You'll find yourself shifting in that direction .

In example, this year I choose to be Clear, Courageous, and Consistent. 

These values came to me years ago when developing the YogaMotion credo. The importance still rings true. After spending the last 2 years on a self-stylized sabbatical, I’m craving connection again through the study and practice of Yoga. I’ve personally applied myself to this path as a means to gracefully transition into a new home, a new community, and a new role as Gramma.

I’m happy to say that all is settling down in a very sweet way so the time has come to step back into the Teacher’s Seat to share the magic of Yoga with you. To do so, I need to be clear with my direction of service, courageous enough to be transparent with my intentions, and consistent with my offerings so that you feel fully supported on this path of living well.

Here’s how these values support my intentions to connect with YOU….

Clarity is about simplicity. Tossing out the mundane and getting to the heart of the matter happens when being truthful with oneself and others. Listening deeply and acknowledging what is present allows communication to be clear.

Do you ever find yourself saying something because it’s what you believe the other person wants to hear? Yeah sure, I’ll volunteer for that fundraiser, while secretly kicking yourself knowing your plate is already overflowing with commitments. 

Or how about those times you brush away that still, small voice of wisdom that is nudging you sweetly, yet your ego mind refuses to listen?

Clarity begins within. Having clarity as a top value in life requires one to sit quietly each day to part the clouds of self-deception and trust inner guidance. Clarity thus supports any desire to have a daily meditation practice. Instead of demanding that you meditate for some minutes on certain days of the week, stay attuned to your deeper desire to connect and respond with Clarity and your intention to pause will become your meditation.

I admit, it’s not always easy. It takes practice to get to the heart of the matter, as well as make any change in one's behavior which brings me to Courage.

As Brene Browns tells it, “Courage is a heart word – the root cor in latin is the word for heart.” She defines courage as “speaking one’s mind by telling all of one’s heart. It takes inner strength and commitment to speak honestly and openly about who you are and how you experience life.” I feel that it also takes a commitment to being quiet to truly listen to your inner voice, and then allow courage to bring those internal promptings into action.

Consistency is what brings the magic. 

You probably have been told that doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. That doing something once or twice and expecting an immediate change is like planting a seed one day and digging it up the next day to see if anything sprouted. However, doing one small thing over and over again to experience a new result is genius. It is the small things done consistently that create change.

Consistency, with a heaping helping of clarity and courage, is the key to getting the results that you want. 

What do you want this year?

How do you want to BE?

Since making this vow on the eve of the New Year,  I welcome you to my Simple Soulful Circle. (FB Group) I'll be sharing tips, tricks, and deeper teachings for Feeling Good, Having Fun, and Living Well. 

Let’s connect with clarity, courage, and consistency. 

I’d love to hear about your New Year’s Intention and what you choose to cultivate in yourself  as a way of Being



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