A Potent Time for New Beginnings

living your yoga Mar 20, 2023

Happy Equinox!

A day of equanimity.

The blossoming of new growth.

New awakenings.

A time of Rebirth.

This is a potent time to tap into creativity to manifest what your heart desires. 

Truth be told....I'm feeling rusty at writing a newsletter since the last one was sent the end of November! What happened?

What happened is that I melted into family life and personal retreat. I ran off to Costa Rica for a couple of months and bathed in the beauty of the tropics. I unplugged from production and reignited my personal practice. It felt awkward to go silent - to not be offering the teachings of yoga. Yet through that discomfort I was able to reconnect to something deeper, leading to a new beginning.

On this day of Spring Equinox it feels right to dedicate attention to the fine art of renewal and that which moves us toward balance.

The sun and the moon, the day and the night are in balance with equal hours of darkness to light.

Let’s recognize that only two out of 365 days are in this state of equilibrium. So why do we expect our everyday life to be in perfect balance? It’s a myth. A rumour. An impossibility.

We do not live a life of perfect balance day by day. Life is a constant flow and we live in a state of movement; we're either moving toward balance or away from it at any given moment.

Accepting the fact that we live in a world of duality (opposition), with constant change, we can learn to live in grace and contentment.

How? By tapping into a state of balance that lies deep within ourself.

The practices and philosophy of Yoga and Ayurveda offer powerful yet simple tools for tapping into that inner realm of equanimity helping us to remain at ease with life’s continual fluctuations.

In example...as I returned from my two blissful months in Costa Rica, I flew back just in time for the Snowpocolypse (as we called it here in Grass Valley, CA). You probably heard about the absurd amount of snow that dumped with destructive power over our community. It was a national disaster. Not only cold and snowing, but my home was inaccessible and without power for 17 days. And my car got squashed by the fallen car port.

Admittedly, I went into flight or flight response as I post-holed my way through two feet of snow to survey the damage.  Hmmm…yet deep inside I knew that something would be figured out. As Marie Forleo states, "Everything is figure-outtable.” That is also my belief. I credit my life of yoga with the ability to maintain that attitude and NOT FREAK OUT!

Trusting in the flow, what happened over that time away from home was an unexpected gift. I bonded with a friend who took me in for 5 days and gave me warm clothes to wear. (I only had tropical attire) Quality time was had with my cousins who, not only gave me their guest room and full residency of their home, but also welcomed my cat.

By the time the snow melted and the power returned, I barely wanted to go home. And ...I was able to retrieve my car with the help of the snowplow man. Damaged, yes, but drivable and fixable. We not only figured it all out, I was blessed by the kindness of friends and family.

That, for me, is Yoga in Action

How are you navigating the fine art of dancing in duality?

Are there any changes you're desiring during this Springtime energy of renewal?

As we break out of winter’s darkness and welcome the light, it’s only natural to want to grow and expand in new ways.

Equinox is the start of Nature’s New Year. It’s the time to navigate the growth you desire.

Wanting is one thing. Creating what you want is another.

So….I’m going to offer you a way to Ignite Your Life and make one small change (or renewal) that will make a big difference in your everyday attitude.

Watch for an invitation to IGNITE YOUR LIFE – I created a 5-day At-home Retreat that is perfect for this spring renewal. Let’s make it sacred. Let’s create a little ritual for your self-care. I known I need it and I want it. How about you? Let's do it together. 

I’ll be sending an invite to my online course as a gift. I’ll be teaching the steps of manifesting your desire in my FB Group – Simple Soulful Circle. You can join that now if you want. I'll post some simple tips along the way.

You'll receive some guided yoga and meditation to add your days along with a simple process of clarifying and Igniting Your Heart’s desire. Together we’ll identify what that really is.  I'll be with our every step of the way. This is my desire! Now to put it into action. 

I believe that by joining me in this 5-day at-home retreat, you will enjoy celebrating the blossoming of spring and your own vitality. You’ll dial in one simple action that will move you more often toward that state of balance.

Kindly Yours, 


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