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The Truth Will Set You Free

living your yoga Jun 01, 2023

The Eight Limbs of Yoga:  An 16 part mini-course


Dedicated to truth and integrity our thoughts, words and actions are uplifted.

The yamas are teachings about how to lessen the suffering that is a part of the human experience. Since all actions have consequences, Patanjali urges the yoga practitioner to choose the consequences that follow from practicing these ethical precepts. By dedicating oneself to abiding by the truth of your heart - satya, you will manifest words and actions in alignment with your most authentic self.

The power of truth is created through the alchemy of personal integrity, knowledge and humility. Along with being truthful, it is also advised to heed the teachings of the first yama - ahimsa – acting with kindness, compassion, and consideration. There are times when the truth can hurt. Before offering our own interpretation, it is best to consider, “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it the right time?” Sometimes silence is the best choice.

Matching Tattoos - Live Your Truth (written in Sanskrit)

Swami Vivekananda states, “If in doubt whether to observe Ahimsa (kindness) or Satya (truthfulness), always go with Ahimsa (kindness) ".

Beyond sharing our truth with others, I have found the more difficult practice lies in remaining true to one’s self. Often our inherent belief is that kindness means pleasing others so that we may feel connected. This may lead us into the trap of negating our own truth. Yoga teaches us that treating ourselves with loving kindness and connecting to what is true in our own hearts is tantamount to how we connect with others.

How does truth and untruth manifest in your speech and action?

If you pay attention, can you “feel” the truth as a physical response?

How does that resonate within your own body?

Are you willing to follow the inner guidance of your heart and share it with others?

Are you willing to stand in your truth even if it means disappointing another?

“We must not be afraid to follow the truth no matter where it may lead.” - Thomas Jefferson

The truth will set you free.

With love,


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