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Creating Space Inside and Out

living your yoga Mar 26, 2024

Having just returned from Costa Rica (again), I feel ready to truly clear out the junk from my trunk. Meaning... clean the house, clear the closet, and cleanse my body. In fact, my feet have been cramping from a touch of dehydration after a long red-eye flight home. I treid to drink lots of water, but... travel can be brutal even in the mildest form. It's time to flush both inner and outer environments returning to a personal flow-state. 

As much as I love facilitating retreats and being Gramma to Azani who turned 2 during last week's tropical adventure, I found myself whooping out loud with glee as I finally reached my parked car at the Sacramento Airport for it represented my return to autonomy. Ah yes, spaciousness and a return to personal rhythms.

With the spirit of Spring comes an innate desire to lighten up, so my emotional state is right on cue. 

How about you? 

Are you ready to Lighten up, Clean it up and Twist it up? 

Spring cleaning may just begin by activating your digestive system with some simple twists in your yoga practice. After winter's heavier, comfort foods, and often times a bit less movement through the season of hibernation, it's time to get everything moving at a more active, fluid pace and create more space. 

The Many Benefits of Twisting Postures  

  • decompression of the thoracic spine
  • nourishment for the  intervertebral discs
  • squeeze-and-soak of abdominal organs and glands
  • balance of musculature along the spine
  • activation your Agni - digestive fire
  • calming of the nervous system
  • plus, twists can rejuvenates your energy as well.   

 Here's a 30 miute practice for you. Enjoy.


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